Course Tour

Hole One - Par 3 - 68 yards

A deceptive hole at only 68 yards this par 3 features a green which slopes from back to front and right to left.

A shot below and to the left of the pin is ideal.

Hole Two - Par 3 - 112 yards

A sure test of a wedge game, this short par 3 boasts a green with three specific areas.

The front left of the green slopes from back to front and right to left while the front right portion slopes from back to front and left to right. The back portion of this tricky green flattens out slightly and slopes from left to right. Take notice of where the pin is located!

Hole Three - Par 4 - 329 yards

The longest hole on the course features a slight dogleg to right.

Even though the fairway is fairly wide open the best placed drives will be found down the left-center. Anything to the right of that will find an uneven lie on the numerous knobs and mounds that dot the fairway. The left side of the green slopes from back to front while the right side of the green slopes from left to right. A large crest runs down the middle of the green so it's imperative that a second shot finds the side where the pin is located.

Hole Four - Par 3 - 143 yards

A hole that is more difficult than it appears with a green that actually sets up diagonally from the tee-box and features three separate tiers.

The green slopes from back to front with false fronts on the left and back right areas. Good shots will find the correct tier.

Hole Five - Par 4 - 282 yards

The second par 4 on the course is more narrow than the first and features three fairway bunkers down the left side.

A drive down the right center of the fairway will find flatter areas to hit second shots from while anything to the left of that will find the numerous knobs and mounds that run across the fairway. The green is elevated and runs perpendicular to the fairway making it difficult to hit in two shots. The green is relatively tame compared to it's previous counterparts but still features a false front/back and slopes slightly from right to left.

Hole Six - Par 3 - 126 yards

The tee box and green are both elevated from the fairway on this par 3.

The green slopes dramatically from back to front and features collection areas on the right and left sides for wayward tee shots. Shots below the pin give the best opportunities for birdies.

Hole 7 - Par 3 - 109 yards

This hole features an elevated tee box to a green with two distinct tiers.

The front left area of the green features a false front with collection areas to the front and left of the green, respectively. A relatively flat green with subtle breaks and nuances.

Hole 8 - Par 4 - 222 yards

Although short for a par 4, this hole constantly plays against the wind to an elevated green that slopes from back to front and sets up diagonally to the fairway.

Well-placed drives will be found below or above the elevated portion of the fairway in the flat areas. A difficult second shot due to the slope of the green, balls found below the hole will leave the best opportunities for made putts. The front portion of the green not only slopes from back to front but from left to right as well.

Hole 9 - Par 4 - 244 yards

Another relatively short par 4, this hole again plays against the wind to a green well protected by mature pine trees that line the left side of the fairway.

A premium is put on finding a fairway that is protected by bunkers on the right side and gives the best opportunity for a clear second shot into the green. The green, while relatively flat on the right side, features the same subtle breaks and nuances found on the 7th hole and slopes slightly from front to back. The left side slopes more dramatically from front to back and features less green to work with.