Rancho Duarte Golf Course Rates

Monday-Thursday 9 Holes(before 11:00am) 9 Holes(after 11:00am) Replay
Adult $16 $16 $7
Seniors & Juniors $13.5   $7
Adult $18 $18 $7
Seniors & Juniors $16 $18 $7
*Weekends & Holidays      
All $18 $18 $7

Teaching Professionals

Lee Deitrick

I have been fortunate to have studied the swing under the guidance of such instructors as Jim Flick for 20 years, Peter Kostis, Paul Bertholy, Mike Hebron, Tom Tomasello, Jim Suttie, Rick McCord, Dick Farley, Joe Daniels, Chuck Evans, Lynn Blake, and Peter Croker.  

I am an Authorized Instructor for The Golfing Machine and have earned a G.S.E.M. degree.   I am a Medicus Golf Institute Master Instructor.  I am also a C.H.E.K. Certified Golf Biomechanic who is able to improve performance in golfers by addressing golf-specific conditioning needs, thus enabling the golfer to reach their golf potential and increase their enjoyment of the game.

My teaching credentials include 30+ years of teaching experience: Instructor at the Professional Golfers Career College in Temecula, CA (2007 to present); Golf Instructor at the Mid Hill Practice Center, Corona, CA (2008 to present); Golf Instructor at Rancho Duarte Golf Course, Duarte, CA (2008 to present); Lead Instructor for the Minnesota Golf Schools (1992-present); Golf Instructor for Sam's Custom Golf Center, Rialto, CA (1989-present); Golf Instructor at Ayala Golf Center, Chino, CA (1997-2008); Teaching Professional, El Rancho Verde Country Club, Rialto, CA (1980-1989, 2000-2006); follow-up instructor for Golf Digest Schools under Jim Flick (1982-1989); National Golf Foundation (NGF) instructor for professionals, teachers, and coaches (1985-1992); Director of quality Assurance for Peter Croker's "Path to Better Golf" program (1996-2004); Director of Instruction at Golf Excellence International, a High Tech Instruction and Training facility, in Santa Fe Springs, CA (2004-2006); past member of the Board of Regents of the NGF's Association of Golf Educators, where I was Chairman of the Drills and Teaching Aids Committee.

I use computer digital video in my instruction exclusively for better communication with my students.  I have used a 2 camera, split-screen video set up since 1988. I have used JCVideo Systems in my instruction since 1998.

Range Balls
(Actual size of balls may vary slightly)
Small  Balls $8
 Medium Balls $14
Large  Balls $18
Driving Carts $15
Pull Carts $5
Twilight rate after 2pm everyday $12